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AVM goes Gigabit-WLAN

On The CeBIT, AVM has today shown the successor to the already famous
FritzBox 7390. The 7490 series has been equipped with DualBand WLAN
offering 450MBit/s on the 2.4GHz band and up to 1300Mbit/s on the 5GHz
band. So with this new FritzBox, another competitor has entered the arena!

Compatible with 802.11a/b/g/n/ac, this box may serve every modern WLAN environment with the necessary speeds. The box works with the 3×3 matrix MIMO technique, allowing a large cover area for the WLAN signal. Equipped with 4 Gigabit-LAN connectors and 2xUSB3.0(!) connectors, you may attach external drives using USB3.0 and mount them as NAS storages. For printing, this seems unnecessary as I haven’t yet seen any printer using USB3.0 as connector.

The 7490 shall be available in Q3 2013 but there’s no info about the pricing yet available. With these capabilities I suspect the price tag between 200 and 280€ upon release.

For those who want to see the new box in action, AVM has set up the Pre-release devices in Hall 13 at stand C48. And also I am going to have a sneak peek on the box and it’s features.

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