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Microsoft’s Surface Pro tablet delayed

Seems as if not only Apple has the trouble when it comes to delivery flaws upon
the release of new hardware. The Surface Pro tablet is also among these gadgets
which are highly demanded but where the manufacturer cannot deliver the item
in time. So it’s simply waiting time for those who want to have a Surface Pro.

With a hefty memory equipment of 128GB, the larger model was instantly Out Of Stock when the preorder process was started on February 9th, 2013. Until now, the 128GB model is sold out and won’t be available for at least another 2 weeks.

While the Surface RT is a pure tablet with a native tablet OS (Windows 8 RT), the Surface Pro is a tablet-netbook combination, capable of running also Windows 8 for desktops as the CPU in it is an Intel Core i5.

However a price tag of 1000 dollars will make this tablet-netbook rather expensive. But as you can see, even this price tag isn’t stopping people from ordering this device in big numbers.

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