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Ever wanted to see a device charging?

Of course there are devices who have a builtin charging status indicator.
But few to none have an indicator showing the actual power demand when
charging. In this case I am showing you a charging cable that not only
serves as a data cable but also shows the current flow into your device.

What sounds ridiculous, has been achieved by a company in Australia. The company, called “SockItz” has brought out a charging cable that has LEDs builtin along the cable that light up when a power-consuming device is connected to a USB port using this cable.

I like like this sort of stuff where usually invisible things are made visible

The shop has USB to iPhone(30pin) cables in black, white, blue, purple and green, USB to MicroUSB cable in white and USB to iPhone(Lightning) cables in black and white for sale.

Each cable is about 80cm long and the LEDs itself consume about 110mW when active. Not much if you know that over 100 mini LED are showing the current’s path along the cable.

The Apple(30pin) and MicroUSB cables are at 9.00AU$ per Unit which is about 8.40CHF or 6.85EUR

The Apple(Lightning) cables are at 12.95AU$ per Unit which is about 11.70CHF or 9.65EUR

The Apple(30pin) Purple Illuminated Black Cable (currently out of stock) is at 24.95AU$ per Unit which is about 21.90CHF or 19.00EUR

They can charge devices up to 2A power (10 Watts) at a current of 5V which means that also actual tablet PCs can be charged with these cables!
With a length of 80cm they’re good in length! About the minimum bending radius there’s nothing known yet but you’d better avoid bending or folding these cables too hard (i.e. making knots into them or fold them like paper!) in order not to destroy the embedded LED diodes inside!
But a small radius of 3cm did not affect the cable in any way!

When I ordered mine, it took them only 5(!) days to arrive at my place.
SockItz is selling the cables worldwide(!), their wall socket products are not sold outside as many countries do not have that type of wall outlet anyways!
So you may want to order yours right now even if you’re not a citizen of Australia!

Nifty and interesting and definitely an eyecatcher!


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