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The strange ways of living.

China is one of the countries with the highest poulation density. But not
only poor people are living next to each other on small room. A new bulit
villa village in Lingshui, Hainan (China) has been built in only two years.
Over 1000 new villas are ready to be rent by wealthier citizen of China.

But with such identical and dense building zoning, one could losse overview very fast when seeking for the right home.

Now you may ask what I am babbling about, so I let pictures talk first:





(pictures are all courtesy of China Foto Press)

To be honest… I would have some problems getting to the right home after a few drinks. As all of the homes look identical like siamese twins, you could probably find yourself at House 11, row 7 instead of House 3, row 5.

I wonder how the houses will be identified later… (maybe by using street names between the single Aisles of homes)

And one thing is for sure: Villas are much spacier and not so extremely consolidated like this!

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