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Weather gone crazy

Although the calendar says that we’re midst in Winter, the temperature
doesn’t make one feel like so. While in some places of Germany, Austria
and Switzerland the temperatures hit the 20-degrees-celsius-mark, the
question about the missing winter is just rectified.

So what about winter in common. While in November, there were days with temperatures below minus 10 degrees celsius, the current weather situation is just strange and worrying. There are few recorded years where temperature in December has risen above 20 degrees celsius in the past.

1998 and 2003 are the most recent ones to mention.

The climatic change can’t be denied anyways when looking at these temperatures. But what’s more important is the extreme temperature spans that distort our biological harmony and balance.

When you look around, the people on the streets are much more ill than in the past. Even here, the climatic conditions may have an effect on this. While exotic specimen of animals formerly known from Africa seek for a rather warm climate, the weather has changed in this way, that some animals have already immigrated to Italy.

The shift of the climatic zones is already in progress and it’s just a matter of time when virusses and bacteria, that is limited to warm zones today, will start spreading in zomes of Europe. and when this will start, then it’s best that pharmaceutic companies are already prepared for the worst case.

I still hope, the climate won’t change so fast but with the ongoing destruction, man is leaving to nature, it’s a fading hope.

While older projections have estimated a radical climatic change not before the year 2100, newer calculations correct this down to the year 2050-2060.

So let’s see, what’s coming on to us. But the future doesn’t look as brigt as it did in the past…

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