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A new path to democracy?

Elections – THE event in the USA when it comes to a big showdown in politics.
Usually, democracy demands that every citizen of a country is requested to
give his/her voe on a party member being put up for elections. In this case
we’re talking about Obaa and Romney.

While 320 million people are eligible to vote for his/her preferred party member, it now seems as if there are dark shadows over the democracy system as it is lived in the USA.

The reason? Well. According to some news it seems as if those who are subject to felony (or have been in the past) are selectively excluded from election vote. So when you have been sentenced, lets say, for theft, then it could happen to you that you’ re no longer allowed to vote.

A very hefty statement of Roger Clegg, member of the Conservatives: “If someone is not willing to obey the law, then he/she is not eligible to vote for those who are setting up these laws.”

To be direct: If you’re found to be not able to decide, what’s right and what’s not, then you have no right to vote so that something could improve.

Not very democratic and not very productive. As an independent workgroup has found out, there are almost 6 million people excluded from voting.

As there are 50 states in the USA, there are 50 individual was how the election right is being handled.

In some states, you’re always able to vote, even when being sentenced for felony. In some states, you loose the right to vote when you’re actually imprisoned, but you regain your vote rights as soon as you’re free again. In some very conservative states (Florida, Kentucky, Virginia, Iowa) you’re supposed to wait between 5 to 7 years until you can ask the government to give you the rights to vote.

A very illuster system if you ask me but not one that defines itself as a democratic system…

Well, let’s see what the elections will bring up this year. It’ll be a harsh fight again I suppose…

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