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R.I.P. – Amy Winehouse (+27)

Today, the news have spread the word that Amy Winehouse has been found dead in her
house in London. After some investigation it seems that the 27-years-old singer has died
of an overdose of drugs. Speculations say that she wanted to kill her heartache (maybe
she had a new love who left her due to whatever reason…

Sad but true. She died very young. Despite the fact that her last concerts appeared to be more of a desater (she came drunk onto the stage) her voice and her appearance were legendary.
In the recent time she made much more negative news due to her alcohol and drug problems. Only one month ago she had a concert in Belgrad (18.06.2011) and she failed to perform
as she was very drunk. The fact that she recently made a successful alcohol abstinence training made many people wonder why she failed to perform her concert in Belgrad.

She published some very good albums of which Back to Black (2006) was the absolute top album reaching Double-Platin.

R.I.P. Amy Winehouse (*14.09.1983 – †23.07.2011)

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