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Wireless charger in computers?

Intel seems to have ideas for wireless charging of other peripherals wire-
lessly using induction. As smartphones more and more support inductive
charging, Intel wants to make a cooperation with IDT and place a charging
chip into ultrabooks which can then charge your PDA while using your PC.

The only hook is, that the capacity is ATMlimited. so do the actual QI chips only charge with maximum 1 ampere (5W/5V) while the new standard shall allow 1.5 ampere (7.5W/5V)

Charging your PDA would drain the PC’s battery by 14 to 20 percent if we put up a 50 to 80 percent efficiciency ratio.

So there’s still some work to do for Intel to bring this technology to life. the smaller chip may charge low-consumption devices such as a mouse or keyboard (but honestly – do you carry a separate keyboard around with your ultrabook? Me neither!)

And with a unit price of approx 4 US$ the chip is still too expensive to be considered a valuable addon!

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