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Zynga looses COO John Schappert

While Zynga has to fight with low business figures of the last quarter, the mana-
gement undergoes another change. John Schappert, who has been acquired
from EA, has left Zynga. As Mark Pincus has limited the competences of John
Schappert, this was the only logical consequence.

If this step will help Zynga back on the tracks, is doubtful. The greater problem in my opinion is, that more and more people can no longer be tied to the computer for a prolonged time. Mobile devices are the next gen “partners” for entertainment. As such, Zynga has already tried to bring out games that run on mobile devices. The success is rather slim according to the recent finance report.

As of this, the stock of Zynga instantly lost 40% of its value and notes below $3 per share

Facebook, biggest partner of Zynga also has lost lot’s of it value and notes at $21 per share


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