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Germany: Big Brother from above

What sounds like a scene from Minority report or other SciFi movies has
actually happened in Germany. A little town, called Bocholt, has been
inspected using a plane and with it, a infrared camera was taking warmth
zone pictures to identify bad-isolated houses.

While one would think now: “Okay what should I care about?”, this example demonstrates once again that a fully-monitored city using modern spy technologies is for sure possible. The imagination of being spied on all the time and even with every of m steps, the other.

When it comes to money, then it seems that every single aspect of morality is being dropped at instant.

What about the privacy of each citizen?

According to this, you’d better start aying goodbye to the quiet life you once had. Modern technology brings us many advantages, but also disadvantages. This fine example demonstrates it well. For the people being monitored about their bad-isolated homes. They were fined after the check from above has been made.

And not only in Germany this kind of “monitoring” got popular. In Italy for example, plane drones were used to detect illegal buildings. With big success: The italian government could gather additional 470M Euros in tax funds.

The big question is: What will go on further with this and how is this technique being misused at worst thoughts?

Maybe one thing to think about: Imagine yourself being spied on from above and everyone worldwide could see what you’re doing. Good feeling about this? I don’t think so!

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