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Diablo III, Inferno and frustration

You probably know this very well. You’re on Inferno difficulty and hitting Act 2.
But as soon as you start wandering the desert fields and running into champion
groups, you find yourself being slain very quickly although your equipment
is good. yet it seems as if Blizzard has risen the difficulty to an unhealthy level.

The level of frustration is high if you take a glimpse look into the forums. Yet others say that’s only the inept experience of those who complain about the high difficulty.

It may be a bit of everything but as far as I can see it, the game actually is frustrating at Act 2 and most of you find yourself playing Act 1 over and over again in hope to buy better gear from the Auctionhouse as you rarely find suitable items yourself. Being onehitted in Act 2 isn’t very motivating and finding good equip is only possible in Act 2.

I decided to play another char in the meantime and right now it makes more fun levelling up another class then farming Act 1 Inferno over and over when I am alone in game.

Maybe Blizzard will reconsider the extremely high difficulty setup and balance it out more fair…

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