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Germany, No SOPA and the law

SOPA, ACTA and other things that do not correlate with Privacy online.
In Germany another thing actually seems to break one’s privacy. The
changes in Germany’s registration law seem to allow almost unlimited
forwarding of personal info for but not limited to commercial purposes.

What initially sounds harmless can be a real nuisance. The reason is that your whole history can be traced by a reseller for instance. So is it now possible for the shop to find out how your environment has changed (kids, marriage, family, changes in living place, etc..) and to be more frightened: You can also be traced abroad. So when you moved to i.e. Austria, then the reseller will know of it also.

So no privacy at all for german citizen anymore should this law be ratified!

UPDATE July, 9th 2012:

Seems as if things get worse for the law to be ratified. More and more politicians semm to see the danger that goes from the ratification of the new “MeldFortG” (Gesetz zur Fortentwicklung des Meldewsens). When the Federal Council of Germany is discussing about the new “MeldFortG” chances are high that the new law won’t be ratified as there would be a very big loss of privacy.

It seems that the update of the “MeldFortG” was also a concern of the GEZ which is the german institute to receive fees for television and radio broadcasting. As the GEZ fees shall be based upon the number of persons in one household and no longer per household, it’s interesting for the GEZ to know how many people are residing in a household. As one can see, it’s all about money again and the dirt is again on the GEZ which always tried to find ways to maximize the fees income for radio and television. Seen as a profanatory behavior if you will.

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