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LHC confirms: Higgs-Boson particle found!

What noone (even Stephen Hawking) believed before, has finally come true
at the LHC in Geneva: During the test collision of 2 Hadrons, a Boson
particle has been spotted wirh the mass of 125-127 GeV/c² and a static
of 4.9 σ. A value of 5 σ is needed to confirm the discovery,

so there’s still a lot of statistical data to be evaluated and checked until the Higgs-Boson particle discovery can be confirmed with a 100% chance. But yet the chance is very likely that the Higgs-Boson particle has now been discovered at CERN.

Wit this discovery, mankind may now be able to find out, why and what caused the existence of the universe we know today. If there will be a practical use for this, is not yet sure. But the always-feared generation of black holes won’t happen.

The discovery of the Higgs-Boson particle on July 4th (how ironic that it is matching with the Independence day in the USA) is a milestone of the LHC.

According to an interview from BBC with Stephen Hawking he said that the LHC team should be nominated for the nobel prize in physics. Yet he is a bit unhappy about the discovery because he put up a bet with a colleague that the Higgs Boson won’t be ever discovered. With the discovery at LHC on July 4th, he’d been proven wrong.

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