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DisplayWeek – All new for 2012/2013

This year’s DisplayWeek tradefair is also interesting as it brings up brandnew
stuff from all display manufacturers. It seems as if the statement is clear:
Sharper, thinner, brighter. All nameful brands are showing their latest inven-
tions and also give examples how these new displays will change our life.

So has Sharp lately shown their all-new IGZO-Displays which come with a whopping 498ppi resolution. In numbers: 2560×1600 pixels squeezed on a 6.1 inch display. Simply amazing.

Imagine a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 with a 5.3 inch display and a resolution as the new iPad is offering. Could be THAT cool!

Sharp also has presented a 13.5 inch OLED-display with the all-new Quadruple-HD resolution. So Sharp has indeed very interestion display technologies to come up in the next months. Their thickness is also astounding.

IGZO, this is also an acronym you will find at LG. Their displays leave you nothing to say but “Wow!”. And if you look at the following pictures, this is exactly, what I would say:

Thin, thinner, almost invisible: LG 4.3 IGZO LCD display!
By the way, the white back is only a carrier to protect the display!
(I personally like the small bezel!)

I definitely would like to have one of these in my smartphone!

(all pictures courtesy of their respective owners)

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