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Keyboard change day at work…

Today I thought, I’d clean up my keyboard as there was dust under almost all
of my keys. I hate dirty keyboards, you know. While haggling out the space
key to open a large gap to fork out the dust, I noticed, that the “leading track”
for the metal bracer broke on the right. Typing a lumpy space key is no fun!

Okay, so I went to the guys at the support to get a new keyboard. Was no problem at all. The keyboard was quickly attached to the computer. And while typing an eMail to one of my best friends I suddenly noticed something not being right at all…

And while wondering why there’s something wrong, I still typed right away but couldn’t stop showing you this as well.

Find the error on the keyboard (you may want to enlarge the image):

By the way: We’re speaking of a brand-new keyboard as it left HP ‘s contract manufacturer!

And think of this: TGIF!

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