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Samsung on the cheat wave?

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is extremely anticipated. However Samsung has not
yet given up on the Samsung Galaxy S2. It seems as if this older model has
also received an Upgrade and pretends to have been refurbished. In parti-
cular it means the i9100 has become an i9100G. So what’s new?

The i9100 and i9100G could not be more similar. However the details reveal some enormous weaknesses. So has the new i9100G a weaker CPU, GPU and AMOLED screen. As the resellers don’t indicate, whether you buy an i9100 or i9100G, you may probably end up with a less potent hardware at last.

Some tests have been made and especially in the 3D graphics benchmark the new i9100G model seems to have lost half of it’s power! even the CPU seems to have downscaled a tad as some widgets act jerky upon user inputs and some widgets even refuse to fire up.

The only poitive aspect may be that Android 2.3.6 comes preinstalled on the new i9100G while the i9100 is still stuck at 2.3.4.
On the other hand, the downside is, that custom firmware on the i9100G simply won’t run! Rooters, you’re out of luck.

The camera itself also lacks of clearer and more natural color on the i9100G. So what has really happened with the i9100G and why the silent exchange?

Some say that the old i9100 got too hot (almost 50 degrees celsius) and the hardware was too battery-consuming. Indeed the new i9100G has a better stamina. But at what cost?

The i9100G is mostly  regarded as a downgrade and the more annoying thing is that the i9100G costs the same as the old but faster i9100!

Do you really have to do this, Samsung?

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