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Summertime, here we come…

So… did you all set your clocks one hour ahead? I didn’t have to deal with that as
my clocks are all radio-controlled and thus set theirselves automatically. The only
thing I noticed that club owners had to deal with one hour less and close earlier.
So when you go to work, you may start off in the dark but return with sun!

The daylight saving is just not comfy for everyone and there are countries which do not use it anyways but the daylight saving is active since the mid 70’s and the younger generation, like me, doesn’t know anyways how it would be without the daylight saving. The only thing is that you have to adjust your mehanical clocks that aren’t radio-controlled. Otherwise you might miss important appointments ;)

As the weather is acting like summer, I use the time to gather some sun streams and return back later on. Hope, the weather at your location is also well and shiny.

Have a nice sunday!

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