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NVidia’s next-gen graphics reality

When it comes to graphics, NVidia is for sure known to the majority of the
gamers out there. Just a few days ago, NVidia has announced their next-gen
graphics cards lineup with the RTX3090 being the strongest of them all.
Now there is a tech demo available that shows what the card can render…

We speak of a live, computer-generated environment here not a pre-rendered scene. So if your computer is quite modern and equipped with an RTX3090, then you will be able to use the tech demo and interact with the elements in realtime, which however isn’t released to the public, yet…

But this video might give you an example what it might look like:

(video is 2560×1440@30p)

This video shows the work behind the tech demo and gives you an example of how much work was put into the tech demo to make it look like it is in the video above:

(video is 1920×1080@60p)

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