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Curve’s all-in-one ApplePay credit card

Still annoyed that your credit card issuer (normally your
primary bank serivce provider) still has no VISA or
MasterCard that can be used with ApplePay? Well then
this card might be interesting for you.

Fintech has released a credit card on debit basis that can be used with ApplePay and withdraws the money from one of your credit cards you have stored in your FinPay account.

So if you pay with your CurveCard the money will be deducted from your primary credit card that is stored in your account and so on.

You can even alter your primary card in your account after being charged which allows selecting a card for business and private spendings and still being flexible to pay with ApplePay.

Wile Credit Cards from Visa and MasterCard work fine, it is not possible to use Credit Cards from AmericanExpress or Diners Club just to mention the most famous ones.

Also it is not possible to combine this card with your banking card. A direct payment method with Apple Pay and your banking card however is prospected for 2020 and might be enabled by selected banks thereafter.

The acceptance for ApplePay however is so advanced that companies seek for methods to offer ApplePay to the people. Curve stated that there will be no Roaming fees even though the card is being used in other countries. However it cannot be excluded that Curve will charge a little fee later on for the transaction between your card issuer and Curve itself. But that’s the smaller caveat as we think!

Curve is soon planning to be available to customers in Germany where ApplePay still isn’t offered by many banks and their issued credit cards and thus might find a good acceptance there.

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