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Ionity raises prices for e-car charging!

Being member of the Ionity charger network? Well
then you should pay attention to this news! While
charging a car was about 8€ for a complete battery
charge (no matter what car!), it’ll change soon.

As of January 31st charging a car will be billed by the amount of KWh you use. Per KWh you’ll then have to pay 79ct.

This means that a car with a 90KWh battery will be fully charged for over 70€ which is an increase of almost 1000%. To compare it to a conventional car using 95 octane gasoline, the costs will be identical if the car uses 11 liters per 100km!

YIKES! The e-car era still hasn’t started and some companies are already choking the fast growing base of e-car users.

Most likely the main problem is that Ionity has underestimated the costs to maintain a respectable infrastructure while upgrading all the chargers to HPC (High-Power-Charging), which means, chargers will be able to deliver up to 350kW charge power.

For now there aren’t many e-cars able to draw more than 200W charging power anyways (we only know of the Audi e-tron and the Porsche Taycan to be able to charge with 270kW!). Yet one of the three major companies building the chargers claims to achieve a charge power up to 475kW (Tritium (Veefil-PK) from Australia). The other two are Porsche Engineering and ABB (Terra HP charger).

Alternatively you can also pay using your car’s own charger card which will work with the chargers (for now) and most likely will be the way cheaper option to do so.

But as for Ionity it’s the wrong way to attract more e-car customers. With prices that compare to those using conventional gasoline-operated cars there’s no real appeal for those users to switch cars at all.

And all this would be a pity in the face of fighting CO2 emission to achieve the climate-relevant goals in the near future to stop the massive global warming that is taking place actually even though some weather extremes don’t make it look like this.

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