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Apple Mac Pro goes rack-mount

It took a while until Apple finally brought the
Mac Pro to stores. Now even the rack-mount
version is available in the Apple online store.
There’s one catch: It costs 700 dollars more…

But if we think back where we made an overview of what the basic and extreme-equipped mac Pro costs the 700 additional dollars might only fall into weight when configuring the masic edition.

Those who use bigger upgrade tiers, won’t be hurt by the extra bucks to spend on the rack housing. And those are usually also storing their equipment in racks where other hardware in similar price regions are also being mounted in.

So all in all this edition of the Mac Pro definitely aims for the pro users or SOHO companies that intend to use a Mac Pro as their central server which could also handle even the most complex tasks (depending on what configuration is used…

The front isn’t spectacular at all. The cheese grinder look with a power button and 2 USB-C / Thunderbolt 3 connectors. The top-sided two levers are for opening the housing and serve no other purpose here.


The inside looks as we know it from the tower version of the Mac Pro – No surprises here either. We spot a lot of PCIe connectors and of course the same modular design for the remaining hardware.

The backside looks disturbingly clean as well. We only see the expansion card panel with the various connection possibilities and the power cord of course. Everything else is dominated by a fine metal mesh. Squeaky clean as we would expect from professional server hardware in general.

The fully equipped rack version of the Mac Pro still looks quite organized and leaves no room for speculations. This makes it one of the more clean organized servers we’ve seen to date. Maybe the 2019 Mac Pro will become THE new server dominator in SOHOs and even a bit larger companies (up to 100 employees).


Of course a Mac Pro won’t be able to compete with Top-end servers from the usual competitors (IBM, HP, Dell) which can also be cascaded to improve processing power. But hey, we speak of a well-designed server housing that offers a powerful work machine for every task that media design offices, multimedia processing offices and normal offices with distributed document handling would need.

The other noisy servers coming from the big three are designed for one major thing: Vast, scalable processing power used for database, machine virtualization, data analysis / processing and service hosting. That’s another league Apple is not intending to invade (yet!).

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