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Samsung to unveil 1000R displays at CES

The CES will open soon and every major brand is about
to show their newest inventions. Samsung for example
has a 49-inch gaming display monster which has a
1000R curve. This allows a way better gaming immersion.

While older displays have a 1900R curve radius (which means that the displays side-by-side would make a circle with a 1900mm radius, the 1000R stands for 1000mm radius.

The display resolution will be 5120×1440 which is exactly two 2560×1440 displays side-by-side.

G-Sync as well as Freesync will be featured. The display refresh rate will be 240Hz and a GtG-rate of 1ms, however we believe that very strong overdrive will be used to achieve these low latency times. And strong overdrive means doble-contures and shade burns in movements. So better turn off Overdrive or leave it at minimum to medium setting to minimize these negative effects at the cost of let.s say a GtG of 3ms.

The monitor is expected to sell for about 1500 US$ and sale might start in late January / begin of February after the CES.

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