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Apple to sue Corellium

Corellium, known for software and OS virtualization
is facing a possible lawsuit from Apple for providing
ideas on how to circumvent the iOS security and also
allowing a jailbreak. A technique, Apple doesn’t like.

Corellium allows to simulate iOS devices and bypass the security checks. Tools like unc0ver also use similar if not identical methods to jailbreak iOS devices thus weakening the security of the OS in general.

Apple thus sees a general problem in this and started to file a lawsuit against Corellium according to the DMCA law. The lawsuit contains a prohibition for Corellium to further publish tools to emulate or bypass iOS security measurements and thus weakening the solidity against hacking attempts on iOS and their devices.

What sounds good upon first sight could however mean severe problems in the future. So has Corellium revealed several iOS bugs and security holes which wouldn’t have been possible if Corellium hadn’t found a way to emulate iOS and certain A-Chip specs.

Apple even had invited one of the lead programmers of Corellium to participate in the bug bounty and awarded him 300’000 US$ in the past. There were even plans to acquie Corellium and integrate it within the Apple empire. But these plans have been given up on and now there’s the lawsuit thing.

So while some people might now cheer that the lawsuit stops Corellium to emulate iOS in the future, those with a bit more foresight might see that this also will lead to more undiscovered security flaws in iOS as there’s no one outside Apple to find them with not-so-common methods like Corellium did.

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