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When you got caught cheating…

Well, cheating in games isn’t nice, especially if you play
against others and gain advantages by these cheats. One
eGamer has been caught and banned for life from Fortnite.
Fortnite is a First Person Shooter (FPS).

To gain advantages in FPS, an aimbot is the first choice. It helps you aiming at enemies while running, making it a breeze to kill them efficiently even before they see you.

Jarvis Kaye has been banned for life as he got caught cheating. In a recent video he was complaining and crying about the loss of his account.

The reason why it seems to tragic for him not to be able to play Fortnite again could be that he earned approximately 2 million US$ with gaming Fortnite on public eSports events.

And what’s doping in normal sports events is cheating in eSports events.

Although it could be harsh to ban someone for life from participating a particular game, his video sort of is pathetic. Let’s face it: Moneymaking should not be relied on lazy gaming but also normal respective work like others do.

And if you got caught cheating to even ease this way of moneymaking, sorry, we don’t feel sorry for you because you knew what could be the result of cheating and making (a lot of) money with (professional) gaming should make cheating obsolete at all!

Here’s his video saying he’s sorry and sort of sobbing for his lost Fortnite membership:

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