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Edge browser gets new logo

Hidden behind a small online scavenger hunt, Microsoft
has revealed the new logo that will be visible when using
the revamped Edge Browser. In the past, Edge wasn’t very
popular or used much although it was better than IE.

Maybe the old logo was a bit scaaring as it brought up memories of the often-not-keeping-to-standards IE that broke a lot of websites that were designed according to W3 standards.

Old Edge Logo IE Logo New Edge Logo Firefox Logo

The new logo however has a similar touch to the Firefox logo and to make things worse, the Firefox Nightly Build logo looks even closer to the new edge logo, making allegations against Microsoft possible that Microsoft sought for inspirations in the logo design at his most eager archrival Firefox.

Firefox Nightly Build Logo New Edge Logo

Well you can’t deny the similarities, can you?

However it’s interesting that Microsoft is updating it’s browser logo even after going to gether with Google and using their Chromium engine for webbrowsing. So this logo does not give any hint that the Edge browser is using Google technology inside.

Maybe a very genius idea to obfuscate the path a little more. Hopefully the new Edge browser will be as good as it’s new logo suggests…

Microsoft also announced that the first RC of the new browser is scheduled for January 15th, 2020.

There are also internal test versions available for download but don’t expect full functionality yet before the official release of the RC.

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