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Airpod Pros in all iPhone 11 colors?

According to a new screenshot online it seems as if the new AirPods Pro
might come in different colors. Also it’s speculated that they will make
their appearance soon, possibly next week. Price-wise, they will be at
249 US$, with the case even scratch the 300 US$ line.

So Apple takes the next step in headphone design and adds ANC to the AirPods Pro which makes them a breeze to use even in noisy environments. Although the price is settled quite high, you must admit that competitors call a price almost as much (or even more) for their products if you take a look at Sennheiser, Beats, Sony&Co. for example.

The advantage of the AirPods Pro is obvious. They do support the full spectrum of iOS which also means Siri integration and other features that are Apple-only.

With a new small SoC inside, it’s a question if the AirPods Pro might last as log as their older models.

There’s not much more known about Apple’s next-gen AirPods, so we guess we have to wait a bit more to see what Apple is presenting us soon.

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