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Sega Megadrive goes mini!

While Nintendo has already shrunk it’s classic consoles,
namely the Nintendo NES and Nintento Super NES, Sega
was still not willing to release it’s classic consoles in a new
resized form. But now the Sega Megadrive makes it’s debut.

So while Nintendo is already a year or so on the market with it’s mini consoles, SEGA took it’s time and asked M2 for help with the emulation software which is a good coice as their emulation software is very accurate.

The controllers (two of them are shipped with the console look slightly different. While the original controllers hat 6 buttons (A,B,C,X,Y,Z) the mini version only has three (A,B,C) making fight games harder to be played if special movements relay on the additional buttons.

The buttons on the console are all working as desired with the Reset button bringing you back into the main menu.

The cartridge slot however is without function. It would have been a nice gadget to pop in a good ol’ cartridge if you happen to own some, that is, and play the original game from the original cartridge.

Connection-wise the console comes with two fron USB connectors for the controllers while the console is attached via HDMI to the TV set. Power is delivered via Micro-USB.


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