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Intel also showing Duo display

Just a few days when ASUS has presented their new
Zenbook lineup, intel has shown also a very interesting
concept of a dual-display notebook. Some videos show
how a Gaming notebook could look like!

However the Intel prototype does only use a Geforce GTX 1070 which is not yet capable of handling Raytracing. But as this is just a case study of what a dual display notebook could look like, there can be changes in design and components as well!

The main screen comes with FullHD resolution, while the second screen is 1920×720 in resolution.

The cooling solution can dissipate 195 watts of heat coming from the components. Not too shabby!

But watch the videos from Intel,engadget and TheVerge:

We like the concept well as the second screen indeed gives extra space for things that could declutter the main screen. especially the fact that RPG and FPS games suffer from the reduced space covered by maps inventory screens etc.

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