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Video quality here on Netspark’s Blog

4K video is omnipresent, YouTube has it, other video portals also,
streaming services also deliver video quality up to UltraHD. So why
isn’t Netspark’s Blog publishing videos in 4K? Well, we’ll explain
why posts with embedded(!) video is not available in 4K.

The first fact is that the WordPress Media Player that comes with WordPress simply refuses to play back 4K video files. Also it is not capable of handling AC3 (multichannel audio) but limited to AAC audio which can support multichannel, yes, but also does not in the embedded media player.

So what we’ve tested so far, is that 3K videos combined with AAC audio play fine in posts. All media that is rendered at 4K, will be linked separately. And if you’re lucky, your Webbrowser may play back it well. Firefox seems to have no problem to play back linked 4K video files.

For now we do not plan to upload 4K material to this blog as webspace is valuable. If we find some media worthful to be distributed in 4K, you’ll most likely see a dedicated microsite for this media where you can also download it to have it run on your media center locally.

In posts, we will use 640×360 (SD) up to 1920×1080 (FHD) or 2560×1440 (3K) where available.

We think we meet most user’s expectations in videos by limiting to a healthful resolution. Must users still use FHD monitors on their machines. Here and there 3K monitors are already hooked up and 4K monitors are not yet widely spread and as this blog is also non-profit, we’re not earning any money with the material shown here which means that we pay for the webspace all of our own money. Please keep that in mind!

And for those wo propose to make Netspark’s blog ad-financed…

NEVER ever will Netspark’s Blog run any ad-related software on their webservers nor will it make use of any ad-content delivery service to pester you with ads all over. There are too many websites out there already which also make use of Adblocker-busting control gates.
We’re not going to become one of these despicable sites. Here we only serve what you really came here for. Blog posts, videos, ideas, thoughts, stories and all we find on the web and filter for you.

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