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25 years ago – Commodore broke!

We all know the Commodore C64 or the Amiga 500.
These two computers were the drivers of Commodore’s
era and was seen in many, MANY homes. While not only
being programming machines, they could also run games.

The Commodore C64 was the most successful home computer of it’s time. Abd with 19 to 22 million sold units this is undoubtedly proven. The Amiga 500 was the successor of the C64 and offered a whole new era in graphics and sound design.

However Commodore made strategical mistakes and instead of developing the Amiga line all earnings were put in the PC section of Commodore where the Amiga 4000, PC10 and PC20 resided. But they were simply too expensive and couldn’t compete with other IBM compatible computers that time.

When Commodore declared bankruptcy on April 29th, 1994, ESCOM, a german computer vendor kicked in and reserved the rights to the Commodore label. However Escom made strategical mistakes themselves and just two years later, ESCOM was history as well!

But still today there’s a vast community behind the C64 and Amiga 500 and thanks to emulators, these computer gems still live on  today and once again show what only a few KB of RAM and some mere MHz were capable of bringing to the screen…

The C64 –  also known as Breadbox / Brotkasten and his successor…

The Amiga 500 – a legend of it’s own.

Farewell, Commodore! You’re not forgotten about!

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