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No vaccination? See a $1000 fine!

In Brooklyn, NY the measles are all around. Now the
mayor has spoken and enforces all parents to have
their children vaccinated. Those who refuse to do so
will be fined 1000 US$.

The numbers are alarming: From October 2017 to October 2018, just two incidents of measles were registered in Brooklyn.

From October 2018 till now however the number has dramatically increased. Namely over 280 cases have been registered which means a rise of about 14000%!

The mayor takes action and demanding all parents to have their children vaccinated against the measles in order to prevent a breakout.

As the vaccination is offered for free and there are just small side effects known, this is understandable. Parents shouldn’t expose their kids to such dangerous late effects measles can cause. These late effects can be at worst meningitis which can be lethal!

The main problem is that the affected area is housing a lot of jewish-orthodox families who see vaccination as an unreligious act against nature and thus refuse to have their children vaccinated.

All in all it has to be observed if the forced measles vaccination campaign will help lowering the number of measles infections in a certain time period.

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