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Apple iOS has a new VPN service

Apple has put up 14 (another writing form for in the
app store to make Cloudflare’s proxy available to Apple users.
Not only is internet traffic improved but also VPN can now be
used easily on an iOS device.

Although there’s always a bad feling when it comes to VPNs that aren’t familiar, the question is: Is Cloudflare worse than Google?

We think it’s not much of a concern whether you fork your dater over or in order to have a reliable and probably faster internet.

In either case your data is sent over foreign servers (hopefully encrypted!). So we can only hope that Apple has done it’s part and checked the app for any form of leak and how to put that leak down.

So the nxt upcoming weeks will show if something doubtful about the 14 app will be revealed. Until then the app will be downloaded and later activated.

Although the app has been released on April 1st, this is indeed no April’s fool’s joke.

The service is completely free for your convenience.

There is a plus version available as well to allow higher transmission speeds (if necessary.). We found no speed issues with the free version during our testphase, so maybe that’s just for the hardcore Tethering users that need to squeeze out the last bit off their connection.

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