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Microsoft Azure Downtimes

It hasn’t been a good start into 2019 for Microsoft Azure.
Reason for the worldwide outages of Microsofts Cloud
service were long speculated. Now Microsoft has stated
why there were so many interruptions of their services.

It seems as if an external DNS provider has caused a lot of outages for all Azure-based services. They have updated their software on their servers which caused a lot of outages and non-reachable sites. This forced Microsoft to re-route the DNS services to another provider.

Although there’s a basic automatism for that, it was still necessary to take action manually. The intervention of Microsoft could solve that problem rather quickly.

But there was also a Microsoft-internal problem which scaled way higher in problems. A rounte-based update of the server software has caused the network interfaces to go berzerk and fall into “Overloaded” state which means that all requests to these servers have been either severed or were handled with a lot of delay.

For this problem, Microsoft had to investigate longer thus resulting in longer outage times for the Azure services.

Both problems were so heavyweight that the complete Azure services have suffered from prolonged outage times.

Although there were no names mentioned according to the DNS outage, multiple sites speak of DNS provider Comcast as the culprit.

It is not known in numbers how sever this outage will impact on Microsofts quarter results later this year!

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