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Tesla in crisis? 3000 jobs gone!

We all know Tesla and it’s CEO Elon Musk as a visionary
person with good future plans. However the car section
seems to struggle. Delays with the Model 3 are still im-
pacting the annual fiscal results. Time to act?

While the S-Series of the Tesla is selling fine (yet really expensive), the Model 3 which should be the VW of Tesla is still experiencing delivery problems. People who have ordered a Model 3 had to wait for over a year now and many of them have cancelled their purchases as the waiting time is just too long.

The fact that there are competitors, doesn’t make it any easier for Tesla. The Nissan Leaf, Toyota PRIUS (as a Hybrid) and other automotive companies are all presenting their next-gen cars that also have an e-Line. So while Tesla thinks they’re still #1 on the e-Mobile market, the cometitors drive up their production while the Model 3 is still only available in sparse numbers.

May that’s the reason why Elon Musk now has laid off 3000 jobs to have the fiscal trouble under control.

But is it wise to lay off so many workers even though you have to accomplish a goal?

2019 will show how Tesla will compete against Mercedes, BMW, Nissan and Toyota which have all have e-Mobiles in their portfolio for 2019. It will be a hard plaster to distribute the own, long-delayed cars on especially as the competitors are already investigating on how to extend the range of the batteries. Many of the newer models already reach 400km with one charge easily.

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