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New farest planet discovered

Planet discovery in a far distance is quite a challenge. A team
for space science has discovered “2018 VG18” which is 120 AU
(astronomical units) away from the sun. It’s nickname “Farout”
is symbolic according to it’s distance from the sun.

The planet is considered a dwarf planet according to it’s diameter of “only” 500km.

A view from this planet might look like this:

If you need to imagine how far this planet is away from sun in relation to Mars, Venus, Earth and others… this scale graphics might help:

The planet’s color comes from it’s most likely ice-covered surface. It’s time for orbiting around the sun once is about 1000 years!

Although 1 AU is only about 8.1 light minutes (yes, the sunlight only needs 8 minutes to arrive at Farout!) it is the farthest discovered planet of our solar system.

Interesting to see what other planets may be discovered…

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