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ApplePay arrives in Germany!

It took quite a while for Apple to get the license to offer
Apple Pay together with most major banks in Germany.
While ApplePay is availabe to other countries for years,
the final switch has been triggered in germany today.

Now customers in Germany can also use their iPhone to make payments in shops that offer ApplePay.

These banks will support ApplePay from now on:

Interesting to see that, for example, Sparkassen do not offer ApplePay as they’re working on an own contactless payment system. So account owners being at one of the banks above will be able to add their account for ApplePay as of today. Others will still have to be patient in order to use Apple’s payment service. Some of the banks not participating at ApplePay today have already considered to follow in H1 2019, others prospect H2 2019. If the Sparkassen are joining, is still doubtful as they’re going to stick to their own online and contactless payment system.

Nevertheless it is good to see that Germany finally has made the step in mobile payment and allowing ApplePay to be used. This might also change the way how customers shop in the future. In fact in many other countries ApplePay has received a very good reception and is commonly used prior to other payment methods.

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