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S. Williams upset after point loss

Tennis can be an emotional sport. Especially the Williams
sisters can be enraged if something isn’t working as
intended. In the US Open Finals in New York,
Serena Williams accused the umpire being a liar and a thief.

But what was the reason for the umpire’s decision to withdraw point from Serena William’s score?

The umpire said that Serena Williams had an unallowed coaching with her trainer, thus violating the official tournament rules.

After the umpire’s verdict, Serena Williams crushed her racket causing her to loose another point for indecent behavior on the court.

But if you thought that would settle it, you’re way waaaaay wrong. Obviously upset, Serena Williams rushed to the umpire accusing him being a liar, a thief and sexist as men in tennis wouldn’t be treated that harsh. However the umpire stood his point of view and made an official statement.

Again Serena Williams was very unhappy with the umpire’s decision and sought for another discussion and ranting while switching sides. Even the chief referee was finally confronted with the situation as Serena Williams later went to him discussing the game situation.

However Serena Williams lost 2:6 and 4:6 against Naomi Osaka making Osaka the tournament winner of the US Open 2018.

Sad but true, Osaka got booed when the trophy ceremony started and she was about to take the US Open trophy for 2018. She was the lone star on th court with tears as she didn’t know exactly why she got booed.

Afterwards, Serena Williams went on the court and tried to ease things again and asked the audience to stop booing Osaka.

Here’s the escalating situation between the umpire and S. Williams:

Video is courtesy of The Guardian

Things we learn from this:

  • Being an umpire at a Williams game can be very difficult!
  • Williams sisters can get really mad if decisions are made that don’t suit them!
  • Williams sisters show sort of aggression playing tennis
  • You wouldn’t want to meet them in the dark alley alone!

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