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Asia, regulations and PC gaming

Ubisoft is shortly releasing Rainbow Six Siege for the
Chinese market. However it will not contain the same
game experience than the usual version for EMEA.
Especially graphic design elements had to be removed.

In China gambling is disallowed thus you won’t see any gambling machines or casinos in China anywhere. Macau is the only liberalized enclave where gambling and casinos are allowed. With this said, the graphic changes are radical. I wouldn’t say that it is lowering the game experience in general, however I find it odd that some regulations make it impossible for game studios to release one title for the entire world. Especially when some graphic elements are used that may be considered irritating, such as the swastika representing the national socialism time in Germany or in this case gambling slot machines:

This is an example how Ubisoft is fitting Rainbox Six Siege for the asian market:

Well… not too dramatic from our point of view but chinese people seem to be sensitive to superstition. Thus Ubisoft has taken the necessary action to make their game also available to the chinese people.

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