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This is what you get for helping Apple!

It ain’t a good day for Apple. Today, Charlie Miller has shown another exploit,
that could Apple bring some big problems. The reason: an unobtrusive stock
ticker app. The purpose (besides shoing stock tickers): Getting access to the
inner core applications and files of iDevices. No wonder, Apple striked back!

So what happened? Charlie Miller has discovered a leak that could breach all the security barriers of Apple including the code signing security of Apps. Therefore he contacted Apple and showed them the exploit. What happened next, is some sort of ignorance from Apple. Instead of contacting Miller, Apple first took down the App from the AppStore, then in the same move locked Miller out from the Developers program. Not only costs it 100 US$ to be only part of the devlopers network, it costs some more simoleons to have the software to develop Apps for iDevices.

Charlie Miller is from my point of view entitled to be pi**ed of Apple! A good company would have asked Miller for help to close the severe security issue instead of banning him from the developer network. This only shows that Apple seems not to be interested of keeping the security crown so far or they’re simply overloaded. New OS and just again another security hole. Admitting errors seems to be one of the weakest points of Apple in my opinion and it makes the company less sympathic to me if they’re acting like in the case of Charlie Miller!

Besides: Charlie Miller has also worked for the NSA as analyst and is now working as a researcher.

Here are the articles from Forbes that deal with the actual security issue and the Apple DPL kickout of Charlie Miller

Here’s the video that demonstrates the exploit very well!

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