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Crane selfies are stupid!

Well… it’s time to announce the next Darwin Award
winner. This man thought, a selfie on a high crane
might be a good idea. And to make it even more
special, head to the tip of the crane.

What he didn’t think of is, that you shouldn’t climb on steel cranes when it’s slippery and/or wet. And furthermore you should be secured so in case you slip, your fall will be caught by the security strap.

But since all these precaustions are only done by those who actually work on a construction site and not by those who illegally enter the construction site, well, the case is obvious.

The man tried to reach the tip for his Selfie and then plummeted to death.

Darwin award for stupidity made by social media! Well, he got his fame afterwards with this video! But he won’t be able to tell his children (if any) nor his friends in person. “Chlorinating the gene pool” one more time becomes a very descriptive term here!

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