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Houston… we’ve got a drunk

Usually concerts are something great one would
be looking forward to go on. Good music an adored
singer cool light show good sound… However it
depends on whose concert you are.

In today’s blog entry I am writing about Amy Winehouse. Well-known but also well-known in a negative manner.
In Belgrad this singer had to perform a live concert.

As you will notice, she’s fully loaded… but not with energy to perform her songs but rather loaded with 40% fuel. At least she’s moving quite limp over the stage and barely seems to be able to keep upright. I wonder what she had drunken just before her concert. Must have been quite a lot. I wonder that she didn’t barf all over the stage…

After her failing beginning she got finally booed off stage. Guess all those who paid a lot of money to see her singing were sort of pissed later on as tickets for concerts of these so-called stars are 40 dollars and more. Already having canceled 2 concerts, other concerts are still scheduled but if Amy again fails to stay dry when performing an act, it could be her last public show in front of thousands of people as no event management is willing to run risk of having a bad show in their portfolio.

Okay, other stars have also failed sometimes to bring up good shows due to excessive alcohol or drug consumption but regarded all in all, Amy seems to be in a permanent delirium and blowing one show after the other. Not a good way to stay remembered as a music star such as U2, Rolling Stones, Eagles, Metallica and so on, just to name some out of many well-known and long-term stars (a.k.a. Superstars)!

Update as of June, 21st 2011:

Amy’s concerts on her tour are canceled for now as the management decided to put her on rest so she can rehab (…again!)

Update as of July, 23rd 2011:

Today, the sad news is that Amy Winehouse has been found dead in her house in London. After first investigation it seems she has died from an overdose of drugs.

Rest in peace!

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