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Good year, bad year and Microsoft…

So the fiscal year for Microsoft has ended and the salaries are now known.
Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft has earned 682.000 US$ and additionally
a bonus of 682.000 US$ – Not much, eh? According to the 2010 annual

… Steve Ballmer holds 333 million stock shares of Microsoft. With an estimated  exchange rate of 24.53 US$ per share and additional 6 billion US$ of private reserves, he comes up to 14.5 billion US$ of cumulative financial power.

Why this low salary? As the chairboard stated, S.Ballmer has reached his goals yet not topped them over. So his bonus is “only” 100% of his annual salary. This totals his annual payments to 1.364 million US$ in 2010.

Successes were the sales of the XBOX 360 and the newly introduced Kinect system. Especially the Kincet system brought the XBOX another boost to compete with Sony’s Move technology for the Playstation. Only Nintendo did not bring out a competetive system. They’re going to bring the Wii2 to the masses in 2012 (See this article). So good news from the entertainment sector then.

Furthermore, over 100 million copies of Windows 7 have been sold – a real good result as Vista seemd not to perform weel due to some severe kinks. Even I must admit: Windows 7 is after XP a real solid and good OS that would, if cared long enogh for, outperform XP. XP is by far the oldest home OS ever supported. Microsoft plans to support XP until 2014.

This year on October 25th, Windows XP wil celebrate it’s 10th anniversary!

Let’s see how long Microsoft will keep Windows 7 up. The next generation Windows is already being in progress and about to release in late 2012. However the Looks are rather unfamiliar. Instead of a desktop you have tiles and a Windows Phone 7.5 like surface, called Metro.

Speaking of Windows Phone 7 – in this section, S. Ballmer did not meet the goals as expected from the chairboard. if you look around, the sales of WP7 are rather mediocre compared to iOS, Android and Co.

So in conclusion: Even if the salary of S.Ballmer seems to be rather low, the stock shares he holds are at current 8.1 billion US$ in value and believe me, that’s quite a lot of dough anyways!

So what will Uncle Ballmer buy from the annual salary? A new car? A new house? Some extravagant furniture? No one knows for sure but having one million would give an individual of ours with a moderate salary many ideas, no?

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