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The nature and the Guinness World Records

The nature always has some strange yet spectacular things to offer. One of them
might grow on the hands of Chris Walting, a 45-years-old female singer from
Las Vegas. She has officially entered the Guinness Book Of Records when she
had her nails measured in New York. Her nails have grown for 18 years now!

In New York she gave many people an interview and also answered questions about how she manages everyday life and what it needs to have such long fingernails.

BTW: The nails on her left hand are 3.10 metres, on the right hand 2.92 metres, totaling to 6.02 metres!

Interesting: Her thumbnails clipped 484 times together equalize the height of the Empire State building…

Her answer on the question how to have nails grow so long: “All it needs is sweets and lots of patience” – She did not consume milk or other other food which are known for their supportive function if growing horn.

Things like operating a cell phone might get a bit difficult now.

The following pictures give you a view on how 60cm long fingernails look alike!

20 Minuten has written the following (translated):

“With six metres of horn on the fingertips, dressing, driving and household work tend to be rather difficult. And who she is performing much more intimate things, one would not even think about!”

Pictures are courtesy of AFP/Reuters!

My personal opinion: I don’t know if it is sexy or not, yet I can’t imagine having a girlfriend with such long nails anyways. But other people might have other tastes.

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