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Putin, a brave man and publicity

How do these three relate to each other, you may ask? Well, today I
stumbled over an interesting video again! But before telling about the
details on this video, the epilogue why that video has been made and
what’s the idea behind. The man who shot the video had a talk with Putin.

Putin has stated that he wants to be in touch with the people.

The only thing is, that he can’t be in touch with the people as he hasn’t much time to do so. Being a premier can be a hard job!

This brought a young man, called Sam Nickel to a rather odd idea. He intends to shake hands with the premier after he has touched a thousand womens’ breasts!

Really odd but also another funny idea as long as the women are asked if he may touch them at their delicate position (amongst others, of course).

Well… after a lot of preparation, a request on about 8’000 women and some video days, the complete 19-minutes-long video has finally been made.

During an interview, Sam Nickel told, the hard things were to get the 1’000 OK’s from all asked women, explain the film concept, the heat, the several days where he and his camera team had to film 8hrs a day in the torrid summer sun and the “horror” that he dreamed of breasts in his sleeptime. Poor him… (sarcasm).


WARNING: The video may contain scenes that may be unsuitable for younger
viewers! Although there’s almost no nudity visible, you or your ethics may not
be comfortable with the video’s contents. By pressing the “Play” button in the
video window, you agree that you have read this note and understood it!

The result can be watched here:

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