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Today’s Menu special: Pizza Hawk

Spitting is already disgusting if someone hits
you with it. But if you order a meal in a restau-
rant you certainly don’t want it in your meal!
This worker must have had a very bad day!

The video clearly shows the man spitting on the pizza he prepares and he still has no guilt putting pelati on the pizza to serve it to the customer later.

(Video is courtesy of @_NellMay@Twitter)

(Raw footage from ABC7)

Simply disgusting and the consequence was clear. The manager of the food court license company took instant action, closed the stand serving these pizzas and the worker got arrested for his indecent behaviour.

My opinion: We all have a very bad day sometimes but soiling food and serving it to clueless customers is an absolute no-go! Serves him right when he gets sentenced by Court of Detroit! Perhaps someone will hawk a good one on his meal, as well!

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