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Chrome 69 always tracks you!

Chrome and Google are known for it’s
aggressive data collection behaviour.
But with Chrome version 69, Google has
reached a new level of privacy breach.

So is it almost impossible to efficiently keep Privacy active as Chrome 69 keeps restoring(!) your cookies even if you dig deep and delete them from every possible location the browser might user for personal data.

Not only is this a real nasty behaviour but it is also a big slap in the face of the users that rely on Chrome to be a real alternative to Microsoft Edge or Firefox.

Most users think that Firefox or Edge are spying on their users or exposing their privacy to the whole world but if you consider that Firefox has a lot of powerful addons that help you keep your privacy, then Chrome is a real b***h when it comes to your private data.

I, for myself, know why I still use Firefox although the browser had its kinks in the past. But with the newer versions the browser got fast and lightweight again. AND: I decide what I want to have collected and sent about me and my browsing history.

So if Google claims Chrome to be a browser that keeps your browsing behaviour private and does not grab your data at all, this is just a stinking lie!

Time for a change. Time to switch to other browsers that respect your privacy, especially when you delete(!) history data!

“Google Chrome?” – Well, I never!

Update September 28th, 2018 – 17:53

It seems as if Google has seen the criticism on Chrome 69 and it’s tracking abilities and is going to release an update to that version that will not track the user and allow total eradication of all tracking cookies even if they’re from Google!

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