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Logitech unveils MX Vertical

Vertical Mice are nothing new. There’s already a
competitor (Evoluent) on the market. However
the Evoluent mice are at prices beyond 150 Euro.
Will this price tag now fall with Logitech’s mouse?

So what’s to “invent” now when Evoluent already has a mouse with vertical design on the market?

Logitech claims to have found the perfect angle for the hand to rest and relax while operating the mouse. Namely exactly 57 degrees. There’s nothing known about Evoluent’s mice and their tech specs especially the ergonomical aspects. Yet the image shows that the angle is way steeper than the Vertical MX from Logitech is using. So while Evoluent is claiming the better ergonomy, it’s about to test who offers the better comfort when it comes to computer mice. My personal favourite still is Logitech and I personally wok with these mice for over 10 years now and had no badly hurting hand or arm even after a good day long work (i.e. 12 hours non-stop) so I guess Logitech knows how to build mice the ergonomical way.

And personally I think Logiteh’s version of this Ergomouse looks better and has probably the better handling style. However I see one problem with these mice. the small finger will always rub on your mousemat or on your surface as it rests there. Evoluent has made a small bump there (probably to give the small finger some support not to entirely rest on the mousemat.

All in all I guess it’s up to anybody to find out if he or she is good to go with such a mouse and maybe I’ll give that mouse a test drive as well. But for now I think it’s an unnecessary gadget because even at work I have just a plain mouse and I still have no problem working that way.

So what’s the conclusion then? Are these mice just overpriced gadgets or do they really improve your life?

Update September 3rd, 2018 – 14:10:

MSRP of this mouse is 129 CHF / 109 € / 99 US$

Added higher resolution product shots as follows

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