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When cops are bored…

I wouldn’t have believed it if I didn’t see the raw footage. A speeding
female driver was stopped and while personal data was taken, the
cops used a virtual coin to determine how the womain is confined. Just
a bad joke or prank? Unfortunately not as the following example shows!

According to several media, the cops used an app that virtually “tosses” a coin. Head: The driver gets arrested, Tails: the driver has to pay a small fine and can continue driving.

What sounds like the ultimative prank is pure truth:

(Raw footage video showing the disrespectful handling of the speeding driver)

In the footage of the arrest, the officers can be heard talking about what to do. One said that she had not been able to measure the exact speed of Ms. Webb’s vehicle but had to drive as fast as 90 miles per hour to catch up with her.

Then she could be seen pulling out a phone.

“A, head. R, tail,” said one of the officers — A for arrest, or R for release.

“O.K.,” said the other.

Then a sound effect can be heard: a cartoonish chime and click, like a coin flipping and landing.

“This is tail, right?” said one officer.

“Yeah. So, release?” said another.

“23,” came the reply, referring to a police code for an arrest. Ms. Webb was
handcuffed moments later.    

Despite “Tails” was shown, the cops decided to arrest the driver.

While disobeying the law (and yes, cops also have to obey the law and have to avoid doing unlawful things!) the driver was definitely ahead of a nervous breakdown.

With the video being broadcasted on several TV stations, the police department of Georgia took action against the two officers and suspended them until further notice.

Being a cop is no free ticket to treat normal citizen with pure arbitrariness. With the suspension of the two officers the police department of Georgia took the right step to make citizen believe in law and order and punish those who think they are above law and order, such as these two officers!

Let this be a lesson to you: You may carry a star on your chest, you may carry handcuffs, you may carry a pistol with you but you still must obey to existing law and order! There’s simply no room for fun, bad jokes or arbitrariness on citizen even if they break the law.

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