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Firefox 6 is released…

Today, The Mozilla foundation announced that Version 6 of their famous
browser is being released. Impressive, I say, have I upgraded to
Version 4 just some months ago. So why is Mozilla changing the major release
numbers so quickly now, compared to version 3 of this browser?

Is it, because Microsoft has released Version 9 of IE, Opera being at Version 11 already, Google Chrome being at Version 13(!)? No one knows but rumors say, they want to be recognized as modern and up-to-code browser as well as their competitors. But I think, that the version number is no indicator for how modern a software is… However Plugin coders are really freaking out as they have just updated all their plugins for Version 4 and 5 of Firefox (btw. I haven’t installed Version 5 yet but can skip it now!) and now have to recode their plugins again…

Interestingly, nothing visible has changed, the interface is yet the same as it was in Version 4. Only the interior of the browser has been altered to be faster, be it startup times, java script runtimes or other areas where the browser had to forfeit…

Maybe I’ll give Version 6 a try these days…

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