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Google+ soon to be like facebook?

Today I had to read that Google plans to integrate Games into their social net-
work. That’s another step to be like facebook what I don’t like that much as its
interface gets bloated more and more due to several “apps” that do various
actions. Besides that, I hate tons of requests for playing game XY…

So what will happen to Google Plus lately? Will it be the next facebook and also spamming users with numerous invitations to play Minigames online?

For all those who know facebook, should also know Zynga. Games such as Farmville, CityVille or Zynga Poker are from them and generating a generous amount of simoleons for zynga. How it is done from a game that’s initially free, you ask? Well, the money comes from so-called in-App-purchases to gain access to special items or properties ingame. Apple has a similar In-App-Purchase program that lets you add locked items for example. The question is, what will happen if the games get unpopular by time. What will Zynga do? I myself played Farmville for some days but never spent a dime into the game as I could see no real good countervalue for the asked money. Let alone that “special items” are rated at approx 7 Dollars…

Now you could blame me for playing WoW that is also based upon a monthly fee for playing further and have better characters and the like. Good point so far but I must say that in WoW you get quite a lot for the money you pay and the interaction has improved over the past months. What I see as a great advantage to these In-App-Purchases is, that when you initially buy play time for, you can play with every game online that is bound to your account.

So if you own Starcraft 2, WoW and hopefully soon Diablo III, then you can play any of these Games online by spending 13 dollars a month. So the more games you have, the better countervalue you have with your In Zynga-games or generally with In-App-Purchases, the purchase is bound to the game or to the app you bought it for. So let’s say you play FarmVille and have spent 7 dollars to get some… watchamacallit… farm points, they are not usable in CityVille for example… so the more Zynga games you play, the more simoleons you have to fork out of your wallet or credit card…

Back to Google+… I simply hope, Google will keep this social network tidy and sleek as the performance is one of the arguments why I signed for an account there. I like fast page displays, a clean and not too-overflooded interface and still having the control over all the functions. A target, that facebook seems to have lost several years ago when they started to flood the user’s interface with more and more apps for different things like games, notifications, gadgets and so on… too much of these ain’t good.

So think about this when you sign in to your facebook account and/or to your Google+ account. And no, I am not deleting my facebook account because of this. Yet I won’t be online so often there either!

Have a nice weekend, y’all!

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One response to this entry

  • Rosiv says:

    I must admit, that I didn’t read your post completely… Ok, just a bunch of lines, but I know, why google does implement this games.
    The reason is as trivial as it coukld be: Money!
    You can earn tons of money with this games, and that is why google will implement them, too.

    But I think google is much more intelligent, to avoid those spammings, as you can do it in facebook.

    And, to be honest, google doesn’t need any advertisings in his social plattform, because google is the world greatest advertising machine! ;)

    So, I think that google will do the right thing. And even if they do such a fail as facebook, the circles are worth changing plattforms!

    I guess it’s just a question of time, before facebook will change it’s privacy settings, so it can equalize with google.


    Posted on August 16th, 2011 at 07:15 Reply | Quote

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